WAX Projects Collaboration Giveaway V9

3 min readSep 21, 2022

We are thrilled to feature again these line up of WAX projects going all the way in collaborating to promote their projects.

Weapon Smithing is a Hack and Slash Play-2-Earn game under the wax blockchain. The game is a player driven economy focus on adventure, resources gathering/mining, crafting and staking. Players(Blacksmiths) are responsible in supplying a weapons to the new aspiring adventurers/blacksmiths due to the low supply of weapons.

FGL is launching multiple exciting new NFTGames on the WAX blockchain.

Space Power is a NFT strategy game based on the WAX blockchain. The game has Play to Earn features, where players will be rewarded with Tokens and valuable NFTs.

HackersWorld is a game on the WAX blockchain about virtual hacking where you must conquer your opponents through cracking into their virtual computer and turning them into a slave, or a computer infected that now will do your command. Be careful though, as others are looking to do the same to you!

Worldcrash is a WAX blockchain-based P2E game where you can immerse in a post-apocalyptic world. Your goal is to survive with other players in underground shelters. Exchange resources with other players, keep an eye on your settlement, and explore the world.

SpiceFlow is a Browser economic P2E strategy game based on the WAX ​​blockchain. Build factories, upgrade, extract resources, conquer the planet!

Gemland is an economic NFT game on the WAX blockchain. Mine resources, build trade relationships, explore new skills and opportunities in this world, control dragons, build ships, get paid for owning land, play and earn!

Varialands is a play-to-earn web game using NFT Technology. Players will be rewarded with tokens and can also create valuable NFTs.

Crypto Cinemas, It’s time to break into the world cinematography with a greatest play-to-earn NFT-based game.

Factories World is an industrial game based on wax blockchain and have “play to earn” mechanics. In this game you need factories to mine resources. Any transaction in the Factories World uses game tokens. You need use various game features and strategy to improve you enterprise.

Marine Battle game — a new Play to earn game on the WAX blockchain! Choose the wisest Captains and the fastest Battleships and take them to the Marine Battle!

Dark Galaxies is a collection of NFT’s will exist on the WAX blockchain in the Atomic Assets structure.


  • Follow their twitter page
  • Retweet airdrop post
  • Join discord
  • Submit your WAX wallet address


Weapon Smithing

  • x5 Promo NFTs


  • 1x Cosmic Clash pack

Space Power

  • 5x commander nft

Hackers World

  • 2x Promo packs

World Crash

  • 5x promo

Spice Flow

  • 1x land pack
  • 3x starter packs


  • 5x stickers


  • 1x Work & Time (Characters) Small Chest
  • 1x Work & Time (Buildings) Small Chest

Crypto Cinemas

  • Clapper Pass

Factories World

  • 1x capsule pack
  • 1x Worker

Marine Battle

  • x?x

Dark Galaxies

  • 10x Fuel pods

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