KuCoin x Acent NFT Giveaway

1 min readSep 4, 2022


We are happy to share to you partnership between Kucoin and Acent. They announced giveaway to celebrate the partnership. It will just take you not more than 1 minute and get a chance to earn big bucks.

We have featured KuCoin, it is one of most popular and widely used crypto exchange.

Acent blockchain is built for processing heavy loads of data and the speed required to deliver a Triple-A gamified web experience optimized for meta-application deployment.


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3 NFT Metaverse Lands

🥇 ACENT Land (worth 0.3 ETH): 1 winner

🥈ACENT Land (worth 0.1 ETH): 2 winners

Giveaway link: Here

Goodluck everyone!

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