BiTalkz Multiple NFT Giveaway Campaigns

2 min readFeb 7, 2023

BRICS TOKEN The world and economic interests change sides, join us on the new road of emerging humans and multipolar and let’s build a world together holy for our descend

KeepSake The largest #NFT marketplace on the sui Blockchain. We are different from other’s! We provide Unique Value & Utility to Every Collection!

Gods Unchained Trading Card Game by Immutable. Play & earn, build & trade with true NFT & $GODS ownership.

Doge Affiliate, the first meme token for community affilate marketing

MetaElites Experience the future with Meta Elites NFTs — 1111 unique Elites in ETH.

Web3BChain Top marketing agency 💱 and fastest growing dao

Metaverse Space is marketing agency currently partners with projects to help them in community growth


  • Follow the steps on each giveaway tasks


NFT and Tokens provided by the NFT projects on this this giveaways.

Giveaway Links:

  • Bricks Token Giveaway Link: Here
  • KeepSake Giveaway Link: Here
  • Gods Unchained Giveaway Link: Here
  • Doge Affiliate Giveaway Link: Here
  • MetaElites Giveaway Link: Here
  • Web3BChain Giveaway Link: Here
  • Metaverse Space Giveaway Link: Here

Simply follow and complete the task to participate in the giveaway.

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